T estimonials

        I cannot express what a pleasure it has been riding at Kings Meadow. I recently nervously returned to riding after a hiatus of 12 years, and chose Kings Meadow as the barn for my return. Right from the start I felt completely comfortable - the atmosphere is easy going, the staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and the coaching is a step above all my previous experiences. As an instructor, Ashley Van Der Hout is very patient and explains the principles of riding very clearly. She instils a sense of determination and pushes me to develop my riding skills. I now part board a great ho rse, Indy, and coming to Kings Meadow three times a week to ride is the highlight of my week!

- Karolina

        Kings Meadow is a friendly place with knowledgeable staff. The facility is clean and well kept, and space is abundant for boarders to keep their tack, blankets and other horsie requirements! Management is extremely flexible and understanding with regards to the individual needs of each horse and owner, which is not always the case when you board somewhere. I truly have peace of mind knowing that my horse is in fabulous hands.

We couldn’t be happier to have found Ashley and Kings Meadow!

-  Mandi

        Let me introduce myself. I am Axel, otherwise known as He's a Diva. I came to Kings Meadow three years ago. I was 4 at the time. I was just a kid with a lot of growing up to do, a lot of attitude, and with a tremendous amount to learn. Under Ashley's guidance I have grown from a holy terror to a fine gentleman. Ashley is an excellent caregiver and mentor. Because of her, I am well on my way to making a name for myself in the world.

I love Ashley to bits.

- Axel, owned by Nancy Bridgman
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       When looking for a new barn Blaze’s needs were my foremost concern, and they are well-met at Kings Meadow. No detail escapes Ashley’s eagle eye , she is aware of every horse's personality, needs and quirks, which she & staff monitor at all times. For me, I find comfort going up to see my best buddy happy outside with his pasture mates or all tucked up in his stall at night, content and secure, covered in shavings, after snoozing in his fluffy stall. His eyes reflect how happy he is. He is in the best weight of his life, coat shines with health and good nutrition. While I am off working and leading my life outside the barn, I have zero concerns that he is being looked after.

        The bonus is, I found a supportive and caring group of barn people and boarders, met some wonderful people . We are an eclectic group, competitive to casual riders, trail riders, and everything in between. Everyone helps each other when asked. A great place to unwind from life and enjoy this passion we call horses.

- Kathie


I moved my mare to Kings Meadow just over two years ago. I have to say that it's by far exceeded my expectations as a boarding facility, and is absolutely the best place I have ever had the joy of keeping a horse. The atmosphere is stellar, everyone is inclusive and friendly, and even though we all participate in very different disciplines, everyone is supportive and non judgemental. My mare has never been treated better, and the service is beyond excellent. The staff is friendly and the boarders are like a family. I'd recommend this facility to anyone looking to have a relaxed, FUN time while working towards their goals with their horse, whether it be in competition or on the trails.

- Leanne & Pheonixx

I have kept horses under Ashley's care for over 10 years. The atmosphere and services are incomparable to any other facility I have boarded at or visited. The staff goes above and beyond to meet the needs of each and every client. If you're looking to compete or simply pleasure ride, there is always a friendly face ready and willing to join. Kings Meadow caters to all disciplines with the cross country field, indoor, grass and large outdoor rings. The hours of groomed trails are an added bonus. Knowing your horses are safe and well cared for is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, and a feeling that isn't easily found.

- Rachel Gordon

        Kings Meadow is a very upstanding horse facility, they clean their stalls daily, really clean them, proper feeding program, proper turn out program, tack storage facility, people are friendly and good with horses, supplements are given out as per directions, having been a loving horse owner of many horses over the last 40 years, it's nice to finally find a place that I know is taking good care of my horse, my "baby"!

- Dawn Truell, owner of Tinsle, my life long partner!

        Being a high maintenance owner with a princess of a horse who has "special needs" due to a leg injury, I can't see us anywhere else. Ashley and the workers at Kings Meadow cater to the needs of all the horses on property. Ashley's extensive knowledge of nutrition was a great help to get Seren looking as fabulous as she does. The property is well maintained and is always being updated. Kings Meadow is like a family with a great atmosphere for any level of rider. I look forward to the coming years.

- Liz & Serendipity

        I originally began as a staff member at Kings Meadow and was thoroughly impressed with Ashley's expectations of service and care, as well as her extensive knowledge of coaching and training. It made my decision to bring my mare over quite easy, and three years later I couldn't be happier. I have made some lifelong friends, gained invaluable knowledge of the industry and have progressed further and more quickly with my own riding and training than I could ever have expected with previous coaches or employers. The facilities are well maintained, the atmosphere is outstanding and it is clear that both horses and owners feel relaxed and happy with the level of care that is offered.

- Lauren Brooks

        I really enjoy riding at Kings Meadow. The facilities are clean and well maintained, and there is nothing better than an indoor arena in the cold winters! Ashley is a great coach, and has helped me progress to where I am today. She is very patient and understanding, and understands all your needs and concerns as a rider to get you to where you want to be. She is very knowledgeable, and very good at communicating what she knows to you throughout your lessons, and helps make every ride a great one! Throughout the facility, you can tell that all the horses and riders are happy to be there. I look forward to my days at Kings Meadow!

- Miranda MacLellan

        I moved to Kings Meadow about two and a half years ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The facilities are very well kept and all of the horses receive excellent care. I have received the best coaching and have come so far in my riding skills than ever before. I also part board an amazing horse named Indy who has given me so much confidence and has helped me become the rider I am today. None of this would have been possible without Ashley. And of course every time I come up to the barn everyone always has a smile on their face. It's almost like another family.  Kings Meadow is by far the best barn! I'm looking forward to creating many more memories in the years to come!

- Jessica


        Kings Meadow offers amazing boarding and lesson programs that are catered to the specific needs of each horse/rider. Since moving my horse to Kings Meadow he has received a level of care that far exceeded my expectations. I always feel confident keeping my horse here, as I know he is safe and happy.

        I would highly recommend Kings Meadow to anyone looking to board at a barn that offers many great features, with excellent staff and facilities, and all at a great price.

- Taylor Ablett & Whistler

        I was introduced by a friend to Kings Meadow Equestrian Centre several years ago and fell in love with the facility. The barn is everything you could ask for; it is clean, spacious and equipment is well-kept. Under the guidance of coach Ashley Van Der Hout my riding ability has improved tenfold. I have been able to become more in tune with my horse in preparation for future showing events. No matter what your riding style is Ashley can accommodate Hunter, Jumper, Dressage and Western as well as all of those who wish for simple trail riding. Outgoing and friendly staff create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere which makes riding here feel like home. Everyone is welcomed.


 I cannot say enough good things about Kings Meadow. The care my horse receives is always 10/10—Ashley and the barn staff really go above and beyond. In the two years since I've been at Kings Meadow, my riding has improved immensely under Ashley's instruction, as has my horse's training. Many people have looked at my horse recently and said, "that is not the same horse that stepped off the trailer when you first came!" Ashley's coaching is tough, supportive, fun, and encouraging all at the same time--and she will help you progress regardless of your riding level or discipline. 

      When I arrived at Kings Meadow my horse was overweight and extremely back sore and suspected to have EPSM. Ashley knew the specific feed requirements of a horse with EPSM, and even had recommendations for an exercise program. With Ashley's guidance and help from the other incredible professionals that frequent the farm (chiropractor, saddle fitter, Equibow massage therapist , farrier, and vet) my horse has fully recovered. I truly believe that if I had not come to Kings Meadow this would not have been possible.

     The environment at the farm is very welcoming and inclusive. When I first arrived at the farm everyone was friendly from the beginning, and throughout my time here I have made some great friends. The people at Kings Meadow are always helpful and approachable...and there is always someone to go on a hack with! All disciplines are welcome, from natural horsemanship to trail riding to western pleasure to dressage, hunter, and eventing (plus, Ashley can coach you through any of the above!) For these reasons and more I feel lucky and proud to say that I board at Kings Meadow.


- Emilie and Huxley

In early 2012 we moved our 5 horses to Kings Meadow due to having 2 horses that had become very anxious and obviously depressed, one that was a hard keeper and high maintenance and unfortunately all were underweight.  After only a few short weeks, the change in these horses was amazing!  The calm, peaceful surroundings, lush pastures and safe and secure environment, plus each horse been given the individual daily care and attention that it needed, transformed our horses into happy and healthy horses again, in body, mind and spirit.  Also turns out our 'high maintenance' horse was not at all!  He was a calm and friendly gelding!  The care and environment brought out the very best in all our horses.
We are extremely fortunate to have found a facility such as Kings Meadow for our horses and they continue to thrive and love life here.


     It's not easy to find a barn with such excellent care, great people, and beautiful facilities. My thoroughbred Santé has been in the best shape of his life since we moved to King's Meadow over three years ago. The love and care that he receives from Ashley and all the staff is unmatched by any other barn I've been to. I'm never worried about how he's doing when I'm not there. Ashley is an experienced coach who has helped Santé and I become a much stronger team. I'm always learning something new from her, and she challenges me to improve my riding ability and develop my confidence. The atmosphere at the barn is always friendly, supportive, and welcoming. Most importantly, I can see that my horse is happy here and I'm so glad to be part of such a great community.

-Brittany Madigan

Ace & I moved to Kings Meadow in the summer of 2012. Originally moving to the Guelph area for school it was clear that Ace was not letting me leave him behind. After a lot of internet searching and touring barns I finally came across Kings Meadow. After coming from a rough past all that mattered to me was Ace's comfort with his new home. We were welcomed to the barn family with open arms and were treated as if we had been there for years. Ace started acting like his bratty pony self again, he was happy and was riding better then ever. Not only is Ashley an amazing barn owner, she also is great coach. Ashley took on my dream of getting Ace to The Royal Winter Fair that year with no judgement. With only 2 months left to get qualified, together Ashley, Ace and I worked endlessly. We qualified and competed at The Royal that year in Dressage Suitability for Sport Ponies finishing in the top 10. 

Under Ashley's guidance Ace and I have improved every year in the hunter & dressage ring. Without Ashley, I would of never imagined Ace and I could of achieved what we have in the last 3 years. In 2014, Ace and I finished 6th & 7th in Hunter and Dressage Suitability for Sport Pony at the RWF. Most recently this year Ace and I came back into the Trillium Hunter world, finishing 5th in the Adult Mod Hunters in the Central West Division. Being the only large pony to qualify in a division full of big horses! Ashley isn't just a coach to Ace and I, she's a friend and has always been someone who endlessly had faith in us. She has never once given up on us and continuous to push us to be better. 


Thank you Ashley for always believing in us! 


     I have been part boarding and taking lessons at Kings Meadow for over 4 years and I cannot imagine being at another facility. When I first started at Kings I was really nervous to get back into riding after a long hiatus. I immediately felt at home. It is such a friendly welcoming facility no matter your experience or discipline. The facility is consistantly clean, well maintained, and the horses receive amazing care. Ashley's coaching goes above and beyond! Starting out as a nervous novice rider Ashley has helped me find my confidence and inspires me to become a better rider. She is very understanding and patient and will go above and beyond to get you to your riding goal. With her extensive experience she always finds a way to make both horse and rider comfortable together and bond as a team. Whether it is a fun filled Hack or an afternoon structured ride, I always look forward to the time I get to spend at Kings Meadow.

-Brittany Veen


I want to say thank you so much for taking such good care of Phoebe. She looks absolutely amazing now since she has been here almost three weeks. I can't believe the difference in how calm she is. Everything is just amazing and I wanted to thank you!

H. Mills